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Stinger 381-HA1
We have decades of combined experience in the design and manufacturing of new cranes, lifting solutions and planning.

A Global Leader in Crane Manufacturing & Hoist Equipment Reselling.

We offer an unrivaled end-to-end client experience which includes seamless communication, Cost-Effective planning, staffing, on-site organization, and a quality hands on approach which is governed by our select team of dedicated experts.

Solve Dynamic Inc. is driven by a commitment to excellence, trust and relationships. We bring our unique first principle approach to our designs, business intelligence and consulting in order to find cost-effective solutions that provide quality proven results.



As industry leaders we are committed to fulfilling your engineering needs while maintaining the level of quality which has garnered us acclaim across the industry.


SDI is more than just a logo, it’s a way of thinking and conducting business. We are not looking for clients as much as we’re looking to find committed partners who are as passionate as we are to solving today’s most challenging problems in construction and engineering.


Getting it right the first time every time, is what SDI Inc. is all about. We use a proven engineering process based on extensive consulting, industry experience, proven technologies and a business intelligence approach driven by First Principle thinking.